About New Collection

After his famous show in Kaliningrad, where he presented tracksuits with maple leaves and clothes inspired by military and police uniforms, Gosha Rubchinskiy set off a real fashion revolution, focusing his attention on Eastern Europe and its poor and underprivileged classes. We’ve decided to follow somewhat in his steps by introducing elements of Polish post-Soviet countryside realities: the romantic, delicate, tasteful, bucolic rural tradition is mixed with tracksuits and plastic flip-flops. Against this backdrop unfold tales of phantoms, apparitions and demons.

We love folk tales of the ‘Jack And The Magic Bean’ variety and so we’ve come up with our very own Tale Of Jack And The Black Box. Its hero is a poor boy named Jack who lives with his mother and breeds rabbits. One day a mysterious customer pays him a visit and offers a lucrative deal. As a result Jack goes to Hell. As previously, our tale  includes modern gadgets, social media and apps which allow users to share events with friends and strangers.

For our photo shoot we’ve decided to visit the charming, cosy country cottage of our friend, a dear old lady in her late eighties. The inspiration behind our shoot were the photos by Zofia Rydet, which you can check out in her latest book entitled  Zapis (The Record).