Animal Tales

There once was a time when the world was gripped by a fashion for invisibility-cloaks, invisibility-caps and tops and trousers, even invisibility-socks. Everything and everyone eventually became invisible. People stopped talking to one another, because they couldn’t see each other. In homes, on the streets, you could only see the shimmer of invisible garments moving about, but not those wearing them.

One day, Helenka lost her invisibility-cloak while out playing in her garden. It started to rain and the girl hid beneath a great tree, still without her special coat. After a while of sitting there, waiting for the rain to stop, she heard a conversation nearby. She approached the fence, looked over it and saw two white rabbits in fancy waistcoats, swapping umbrellas. One of the rabbits noticed Helenka watching and waved to her.

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In deep MUD*

– Kaaaay! Where are you? Helooo! – Five-year-old Lenka kept calling out, but her older brother Kay was nowhere to be found.

Lenka and Kay lived in a future time when people all over the world had teleports, allowing them to travel quickly from place to place. Krakow to Warsaw, Paris to New York, Moscow to London… Click, and you’re there! Nobody bothered to use planes and buses any more. Cars too were retired completely, only used by traditionalists, those who did not trust the new inventions. Teleport machines could send anyone straight to a given address, and so streets were deserted, seeing as everyone travelled from home to home without actually having to walk. And all using their mobile phones, through a simple app.

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