In the MUD

The latest collection Fall / Winter 2017 is inspired by our fairy tale “In the MUD”. The fairy tale is the second in a series of stories, which on the one hand, refers to the classic fairy tales of Andersen, the Grimm Brothers, and on the other hand, there is an element of modernity, the future S.F. In the first tale was a cloak of invisibility, which prevailed in the world of fashion, so that people did not use to see one another and did not maintain contact with each other, or talk to each other. In the fairy tale “In the MUD” an element science fiction  is the teleport, the entire teleportation communication network, through which people move without leaving home. The teleport is located in a mobile phone.

The network of teleports is a gap, the so-called MUD, the name refers to the first games of the ’90s, which drew in a man like quicksand, or just mud, and they took the time. In the fairy-tale MUD everything looks normal, or as in view-cards advertising the travel agencies; the only thing which makes this place different from a normal place are fantasy creatures: a siren, cantaloupes, half-men half-butterflies, or unicorns. Whoever devotes themselves to play or look at these creatures, they forget where they were going and what the purpose of their trip was.

The fairy tale refers to the contemporary problem of the overuse of smartphones, games or Internet by children and adults, and neglecting the real relationships in the family or friends. By overusing the benefits of modernity we forget what is most important.

Our image photo session reflects the character of the fairy tale. A little girl on the background of wild nature is in no way connected with the place in which she is located, as she is staring at the phone screen. The photos were taken by the photographer Kamil Blaszczyk in collaboration with us.

Illustrations for fairy tales, which can be found on our clothes, are painted by Monika Smyła, a renowned Polish painter.